Meet Bandit

This is Bandit.  She joined the family several years ago when I was fostering a few dogs a year getting them back on their paws so-to-speak. I quickly realized that Bandit was a dog that was not going to be adopted. She came to us with a deep fear of men.  No matter how kind and unassuming the man (my dad), she would bark loud and furiously at him, skittering around the house like water on a hot pan, barking, and barking and then finally hiding. Whatever happened to her before we met was traumatic and she needed a forever home now. Lucky for me she loved the boys and me right away. 
Bandit got her name because she'd run off with anything unattended: socks, underwear, chew toys (see: underwear), anything.  She is also very, very fast.  When we first got her, if she happened to sneak out the door, she would run fast and far. I've spent the better part of an hour chasing her down.  
Fast-forward a few years and #Artshowroadie is spending more time in my home and Bandit is having none of it.  When #artshowroaded would come over she would bark like the house was being broken into. #Artshowroadie was always kind and could get some loves in if he sat quietly on the couch or got very small on the floor near her, but as soon as he stood up the barking and hiding would start again.
Fast-forward 3 years:  #artshowroadie is her bestie.  She greets him on her hind legs every morning.  She waits for him to get home and can't wait to go on walks with him.  She is love and trust and kindness and sweet-loves wrapped up in a little dog.  

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