March Meet the Maker

March is Meet the Maker month.  There is a writing prompt for each day.  Today is My Story:

My art story started in 2004 when I became a single mom of adorable twin babies and I knew I needed to be around as much as possible.  I’d dabbled in arts and crafts for awhile, but knew it was time to treat my little art business more seriously and say yes to everything (stores, galleries and shows) until I figured out what worked best for me.  For 5 years I worked every moment the boys were sleeping.  I worked hard to sell art and build a following and got to the point where I could start getting choosey about where I would invest my time.

Now, my working year follows the seasons: In the Spring, I create and experiment in styles that are different than what I usually create.  Summer and Fall are the money-maker seasons with several art and gallery shows each month.  Winter is for recharging, relaxing and soaking up the good energy of my family.

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