It's Good To Be Back

Wow! Shows are in-person. Flesh and blood art lovers are in my tent (that said, I've never had zombies or vampires in my tent that I'm aware of), and we're having conversations in real time. I love my art show peeps, the patrons, the artists and being on the road with @artshowroadie and my boys.  

This is my happy place. I love it because it's not just connecting, it's also planting art seeds.

Last year was all about hope. Hoping art buyers would move online and buy something they couldn't put their hands on. Something they couldn't get that touching energy from.  This year it's about love and the seeds of change from all that hope energy. I'm seeing people letting go of the past and embracing a new direction of positivity, dreaming for a better future and sharing more kindness.

I can't wait to see you at shows. 



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  • I love this so much! I think this is very true!! Well said!!


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