As a work-at-home artist I make a concentrated effort to manage my time so that when I'm creating, I'm creating... and when I'm not, well, the upkeep of a house and 2 growing boys and 3 shop dogs and @artshowroadie is no small task.  I like my space to be cozy, clean and conducive to creativity.  I love my space but recently it just felt worn, and not in the way that your favorite concert t-shirt from the 90's feels worn.  So we had some homework to do. 
This is my kitchen. We got a $5000 estimate to do this work and said, "we can do this ourselves."  And we did for a whole lot less.  This kitchen used to be brown walls and builder-honey-colored cabinets (boooorrring).  The 4 of us got to work on Saturday and took cabinets off the walls, doors off cabinets and sanded, stripped, primed and painted finishing on Monday.  I love working side-by-side with my guys and completing a big project together.  
Homework is good for the soul.  It's good for me to mix it up and see a tangible difference in the space that I love.  Stay tuned for the updated kitchen with artist-built open shelves.

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