Hello 2022!

It happened. The calendar flipped and we're dancing into a new year. Before I get to my new year's goals let's wave at 2021 and the memories it created: "2021, you let art shows come back, but with masks. My brilliant boys spent the year homeschooling themselves, graduated from high school and made me an empty-nester when they left for college. You put a finish stamp on the year by putting my home in a pre-evacuation zone of a massive fire. You were like a good Whiskey Old Fashioned, best sipped slowly.

2022! You're going to be my LIIT. It's so nice to see you. As if to highlight the beginning of a new year you've dropped 6 inches of sparkling snow ensuring I see my footprints as I walk into this new year. I'm planning to go to new shows in new places and make memories for future stories.



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