Cowgirl at Heart

Lisa with cowboy hat
I'm a cowgirl at heart.  @artshowroadie was supposed to bring a warm hat for a cold night and he snuck this one in as a joke. I love the way he captured a big authentic smile.  Being your most authentic self is sometimes a hard thing to do; and when it is I think of my days riding horses.  Horses are always authentic.  Sometimes they're loving, other times sassy, and sometimes downright stubborn; but you always know where you stand with a horse. 
I love to paint my most authentic self.  Sometimes it works and the paint and colors flow right out of my soul and other times I have to put the paint down and come back later when it feels better and that authentic self can flow. @artshowroadie says he can feel the intention flow out my art.  That feels good.  Be your authentic self.

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