Art Shows Are Canceled But My Wanderlust Is Not - Traveling With My Boys...

I've traveled to art shows every summer for 15 years, a hard-stop on all the travel and art shows is not something I'm comfortable with.  Instead of working shows this summer, my family bought a house with great bones but needing a lot of work. The boys, my parents, and my brother worked on this house every day for almost 3 months.  That hard work paid off when the house went under contract in less than a week.  On the last day of work, the boys said, "we need a vacation."  I never get a summer to just travel so we're taking advantage of this.  We jumped in the truck and drove south through Arkansas, Tennesee, Mississippi, and New Orleans. 
We were moved by The National Civil Rights Museum, located in Memphis, TN. We loved walking through Graceland during Elvis Week with very few tourists. We're looking forward to fresh Beignets in New Orleans.
From everything we've seen and experienced, the best part has been the time with my boys.  There's nothing like miles of highway to generate interesting conversations.  I love and adore these guys so much.  They are kind and thoughtful, intelligent, and witty. I can't believe my two chubby-cheeked, curly-haired little babies have grown a head taller than me and are now starting their senior year of high school and applying to colleges.  I love this time with them and already miss them.

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